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Teglio (mt. 851)

A breathtaking view distinguishes this ancient village, which still retains the architectural gems, memory of a glorious past.
The country that gave its name to the Valtellina (Tellina Vallis) lies on a large sunny terrace that allows you to spend a holiday in the fresh air and tranquility.
There is no lack of entertainment for art lovers: the Palazzo Besta quattocentesco retains its original beauty and inside you can visit the Antiquarian Tellinum, with traces of civilization and art in Valtellina.
The main floor of rare beauty, where the first half of '600 Agnese Besta gathered around him his friends to discuss philosophy: great hall of honor, with a range of frescoes depicting episodes from the Orlando Furioso (XVI-XVII century).
A hall of honor that made history, having laid the policy decisions taken during the past centuries.
La Torre de li beli seeks offers a great panoramic view over the valley, while building Juvalta Cima and home Ongari Botterini enrich the country, as well as many churches of different ages are able to return a religious history that runs through the ages.
Teglio offers the best of what can be asked in view of the outdoors holidays: fantastic walking and mountain bike tours offer suggestions that you complete if you decide to get to Prato Valentino, at an altitude of 2070 meters, where lovers of cross country skiing can find recreation and also for children no shortage of entertainment.
For lovers of traditional cuisine, a dish of missed pizzoccheri.